Disc Springs

Precision Disc Springs or also known as Belleville Springs are conical spring. Washers that are loaded along its axis statically or dynamically can be used in single or multiple pieces. They are also used together with bolts or nuts for various purposes where there is frequent motioned. It deforms elastically to a shorter height when subject to load. The spring action is characterized by its elastic deformation. Disc spring washers are also used in areas where there is high load with space constrains.

These spring washers are preset to maintain constant spring tension under load over a period of time. Load flexibility can then be achieved by stacking washers of various configurations. Materials used are high carbon spring steel such as 50CRV4 and CK75 and finishing are phosphate and oiled. Customized dimension and other material can also be supplied upon request.

All items produced under the following groups and tolerances are manufactured under strict quality control according to DIN standards 2093.

Group 1: Thickness under 1.25mm, No machining

Group 2: Thickness from 1.25mm up to 6.00mm, De and Di machined

Group 3: Thickness from 6.00mm to 16.00mm, complete machining with contact flats and reduced thickness