Defined as a metal wire spring that operates in a spring mechanism, it compresses, extends, rotates slides and exerts force when an equivalent or a greater force is being applied.

Springs are essential mechanical components that are being used in countless mechanisms, machineries and tool applications. The most common material usually ranges from spring steel and stainless steel. As seen on our website’s catalog, our standard sized items are instantaneously available at our showroom. Elite Springs provides made-to-order products to suit our client’s individual demand.

The various springs below displays numerous advantageous ways of how mechanical springs used in a spring mechanism can help improve your product. They are commonly used in automotive, medical appliances, electronics, and compressors and in many other fields.

Heavy Industrial Springs


Belleville Springs / Washers


Compression Springs

Extension Springs


Conical Springs


Torsion Springs

Constant Force Springs


Spiral Springs


Spring Clips

Wire Forms


Retaining Rings


Locking Pins

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